Food & Wine

We preserve the tradition and flavor of the dishes while giving them a fresh spin.
Some favorites on the menu are pelmeni | пельмени (dumplings), stroganov | бефстроганов (meat stew), salo | сало (cured fatback), khachapuri | хачапури(cheese-y bread), shashlyk | шашлык (skewered meat) etc.
We carefully choose Georgian and European wines to go along with our zakuski.


Tuesday - Sunday
5pm - 11pm


Saturday - Sunday
12pm - 4pm

Dessert & Tea

Available All Day

Bar List

Happy Hour 5pm to 7:30pm

Wine List

Wines by Bottle are 20% off on Thursdays.

Dinner Menu

Cold Zakuski

Radishes, crème fraîche, roe, pistachios (vg) 8
Beets & Mango, walnut parmesan, celery, beet mousse (vg) 10
Crispy Buckwheat, arugula, sunflower, pine nuts (vg) 11
Spring Okroshka*, peas, strawberry, potato, cucumber kefir (vg) 10
Olivier Salad, chicken, peas, potatoes, crispy chicken skin 12
Pkhali* Pâté, market vegetables, smetana*, pomegranate 11
Our Salo*, black bread, garlick, scallions 14
Wagyu Tartare, horseradish, nettle 16
House-Cured Fish Board, bliny, smetana, roe 21
Charcuterie Board 15
Cheese Board (vg) 14
Our Black Bread, scallion butter, radishes (vg) 4

Hot Zakuski

Borsch*, beets, beef, carrot, smetana* 10
Veal & Pork Pelmenie*, sage smetana, pomegranate 14
Mushroom Julienne, potatoes, cheese, aioli (vg) 12
Adjaruli Khatchapurri*, mozzarella, cheddar, sulguni, egg yolk (vg) 17
Tzarevna Khatchapurri*, crab, green apple, cheese 23
Bliny with Scallop & Salo*, dill cream, strawberry 15
Duck Confit Plov*, fried rice, egg, cumin, coriander 14
Chicken Kiev Cutlet, herbs, butter, cucumber-tomato 16
Pork Shashlyk*, charred vegetables, potatoes 21
Beef Stroganov*, petit filet, pomme puree 24

Zakuski is a Russian term for hot and cold small plates, “intended to follow each sip of alcoholic drink.”

Pkhali is a traditional Georgian dish of chopped vegetables, ground walnuts, garlic, and herbs.

Smetana is similar to crème fraîche, it’s kind of sour cream with higher % of milkfat content.

Okróshka is classic cold soup that consists of a mix of mostly vegetables.

Salo is slavic food consisting of cured fatback seasoned with salt, garlic, black pepper.

Borsch is a beet soup common in Eastern Europe and across Russia.

Pelmeni are homemade Russian meat dumplings.

Khachapuri is a Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread.

Plov is a traditional eastern rice dish cooked in stock, with spices, and meat.

Shashlyk is skewered and charcoal grilled meat.

Stroganov is sautéed pieces of beef served in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Brunch Menu

Main Course

Breakfast Eggs, house cured bacon, cucumber-tomato salad, potatoes 14
Omelet, cheese, tomato, herbs, cucumber-tomato salad, potatoes (vg) 14
Open-faced Sandwich with Cured Trout, pea shoots, cucumber-tomato salad, potatoes 16
Open-faced Sandwich with Walnut-Eggplant spread, cucumber-tomato salad, potatoes (vg) 14
Chicken Kiev, herbs, butter, cucumber-tomato salad, potatoes (vg) 16
Veal & Pork Dumplings, sage sourcream, cucumber-tomato salad, potatoes (vg) 14
Olivier Salad with Black Bread, chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas. 14
Crispy Buckwheat with Egg, arugula, sunflower, pine nuts (vg) 13
Russian Pancakes, lemon butter, sourcream 13
Cheese Board, black bread, honey walnut, jam 16

On the Side

House-cured Bacon 5
Cucumber-Tomato Salad 5
Potatoes 5
Bread 5
2 Eggs 5


Adjaruli, three cheeses, yolk, butter (vg) 17
Mushroom, three cheeses, mushroom, aioli (vg) 19
BAT with Cheese, bacon, arugula, tomato 21
Tzarevna, crab meat, celery, aioli 23


- cosisits of appr. 3 glasses -

Mimosa 19
Peach Bellini 19
Cranberry Bellini 19
Rose Sangria 19

Main Course + Carafe =$29!

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Dessert & Tea Pots


Chocolate Truffles, cocoa powder 5
Bliny, honey, sourcream 7
Dulce de Leche filled Cookies, shaped as walnuts - oreshki 8
Cottage Cheese Pancakes, sourcream, jam 9
Honey Cake, plombir, jam, berries 11

Tea Pot

English Breakfast, dark, hearty tea 6
Earl Gray, rich black tea, bergamot 6
Hoijicha, smooth green tea 6
Dao Ren, soft green tea, nutty polish 6
Honeybush (herbal), berries, roses, honey 6
Dream, peppermint, chamomile, rose 6
Fairytale, calendula, spearmint, lavender 6