We have all heard it, eating organic is the best way to go. Products are fresh, tastier and we avoid introducing man-made chemicals in our system. Did you know that wines also have the organic variant? It is a matter of checking the bottles’ labels and understanding what organic wine is.

Organic Wine is defined as a wine that been made from grapes that were organically raised and have gone through fermentation with specifically allowed additives not being more than 5% total of the total product. Organically raised products have not been doused with pesticides, man-made fertilizers, additives and, likes. For a wine to get its organic certification, it differs from one country to another but in the US, yeast added to the fermentation process must also undergo certification. Sulfites can’t be added during the fermentation process. Grapes naturally contain sulfites, and organic winemakers need to rely on the naturally occurring sulfites within the grapes for the wine to be made. Wines made from organically raised grapes but not completely certified as organic will appear as made with organically raised grapes.

Now that we have a clear picture of what makes a wine organic, why should we start ordering organic wine?


  1. Better Flavor profile

For starters, for true wine drinkers, drinking organic wine is the unadulterated version of the grape. Less manipulation from the growing phase means you get to taste the grapes and where it comes from better. If you want to understand flavor profiles better, go for the organic wine as they tend to be more honest with how they taste. Less intervention also means you get more naturally occurring benefits than with regular wine.

  1. Healthier Choice

Antioxidants are present in wine and organic wine has more antioxidants in them. Antioxidants help fight diseases such as cancer and heart disease. As mentioned above, sulfites are added in regular wine to stop the fermentation process while organic wine will have to rely on the naturally occurring sulfites in the grapes. Sulfites have been linked to asthma. Knowing this also will help you make better choices when it comes to the wine you order.

  1. Less Alcohol Content

Organic wine will also have less alcohol content giving you the option of having more glasses and savoring the wine better. Another benefit of ordering organic wine is to lessen sugar intake. We’ve all read drinking a glass of wine can be beneficial, but less sugar intake does make this a better alternative for those watching out for this ingredient.

  1. Environment Friendly

Organic Farming positives also include being a purveyor of the environment. When you order organic wine, you are promoting environmentalism further. Organically grown produce comes from healthy soil. Soil untarnished with man-made pesticides and safer for the other organisms in the area.

Several health articles are available on the health benefits of drinking that glass of wine. Drinking organic wine will solidify those claims further. On your next wine purchase, try the organic wine selection instead. We are what we eat, and this saying also goes for what we drink too.

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