Since day one, Tzarevna NYC always believed in sustainability and practiced zero waste to landfill. We have always used and will proudly continue using compostable and biodegradable utensils and containers for to-go orders as well as paper bags. Tzarevna partnered with S’wheat Straws to avoid using plastic straws. It is Tzarevna’s conscious decision to never use plastic in our restaurant and we are happy that NYC is taking a further step to combat the growing climate crisis.


It is no secret that the earth is screaming for our attention. In New York State alone, over 23 billion single-use plastic bags are used and disposed of each year. The proof is evident when you walk the litter-filled streets of NYC. Plastic bags or plastic, in general, is a huge problem. The ocean is also filled with plastic bags that are ingested by marine animals and birds. It also clogs drainage or sewage resulting in flooding and other disasters that could have been easily prevented if the use of plastic bags stopped or at least minimized.


Aside from Hawaii and California, New York is now the third state to ban plastic bags through the Bag Waste Reduction Law that just took effect on March 1, 2020. According to CNN, “Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation banning single-use plastic bags. Most stores and businesses will impose a 5-cent fee on shoppers for paper bags. However, enforcement will not begin until April 1 at the earliest, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation.”


What does this mean for Tzarevna NYC customers?


Tzarevna NYC encourages our diners and regulars to #BYOBagNY - Bring Your Own Bag or bring your own food containers for take-outs. It is also handy to store reusable bags and containers in your car or fold them inside your bags in case you need them. We, as fellow consumers, also need to be educated about the new law and any other information we need to know about it. If you want to find out more about the Bag Waste Reduction law, you can access the full-text version here:


Join Tzarevna NYC in supporting the plastic bags ban movement. Let’s all do our best to help our environment.



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