by Aly Walansky Contributor for Forbes

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Salty and savory, a pickle is a uniquely satisfying snack. And while it’s always a treat piled onto a burger or with a pastrami sandwich at the local deli, there’s countless ways to celebrate pickles. As for when to celebrate this briny treat, National Pickle Day, coming up on November 14, sounds like a great time!

Seasonal Pickled Plate

Seasonal Pickled Plate at Tzarevna, located in New York City.TZAREVNA

Sometimes a great meal is all about how it starts.  “Our pickle board features cucumbers, long island hot peppers, pomodoro (a Russian term for a brined tomato), marinated mushrooms (currently shimeji, also from Long Island), and pickled green strawberries. The first 4 pickles are quintessentially Russian. The board showcases a variety of pickling styles, while also representing our dedication to seasonality and local agriculture,” said Ricky Dolinsky, owner and chef of New Russian restaurant Tzarevna, located in New York City.  “Our house pickle board represents our restaurant’s mission, which is to draw influence from the flavors of Russian cuisine while reinterpreting them through American optics and execution.”  


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