It’s a Friday night and there’s a buzz in the air. People are out and looking to have a great time with their family and friends. You search from a restaurant after restaurant, looking for one that will not just give you a ‘meal’ but a complete dining ‘experience’. If you are from the Big Apple, Tzarevna NYC that should be on the top of your list of restaurants to try.


Tzarevna NYC is a beautiful little wine bar in the Lower Eastside.

Why is this restaurant different from the thousands of restaurants in New York City? Is it worth making the trip just to get a taste of this fusion restaurant?


Before anything else, what does Tzarevna exactly mean? The name Tzarevna is taken from the word “Tzar” or “Czar”. A czar is an emperor or a royalty and is someone who exerts great authority or power. When people go out to restaurants, they expect the trifecta of a good dining experience — good service, good price, and of course, good food. Tzarevna NYC promises to hit this trifecta of an exceptional dining experience.


At Tzarevna NYC, you get the best possible service. It’s the only place in New York you can eat and dine like a Tzar. Our amazing chefs make sure that each and every meal is prepared with the utmost care and passion. Our attentive servers make sure each dish is delicately served to our “Tzar”


With dishes starting at $10, Tzarevna NYC offers a taste of Eastern Europe with an American twist. With every bite, you are transported to the hillside of Europe when these dishes were first cooked. Dishes are served in Sasuzkis which are small plates that are meant to be shared. Indeed, each dish brings great value for money.


Tzarevna NYC’s menu is a fusion of Eastern European and New American cuisine and features cold and hot tapas. It is home to the best Khatchapurri in New York. It is a sourdough cheesy bread, leavened in-house and baked to order. This bubbling fondue pit of sulguni cheese and a bright yolk is comfort food at its best, making it to TimeOut’s 20 best New York dishes of 2019. Just the sight of it is enough to send any cheese lover to euphoria. Sweet tooths can also choose among the dessert selection and pair an Halva Creme Brulee to our organic loose tea. If you want to unwind with a glass of red, Tzarevna NYC has a wide bar list. To further take your dining experience to the next level, our amazing servers can suggest the perfect wine to pair with your delicious meal.


Indeed, these three factors — service, price, and food quality is the formula to a successful restaurant. The next time you are in the Lower Eastside, make sure to make the trip and visit Tzarevna NYC. We ensure you’ll get a meal you won’t easily forget, the only place in New York City where you can dine like Tzar.



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