When we think about summer we think of barbecue, the beach and the good times with family and friends. Fortunately, we can see them this season and catch up after months of not seeing each other in person. Aside from the traditional steak and kebabs, did you know that one of the perfect dishes to eat is Beef Stroganoff?

It’s been a favorite of the Russians but is now a well-known food all over the world. The dish first appeared in mid-19th century Russia. the dish was named after a wealthy Russian diplomat called Count Paul Stroganov and was made out of lightly floured beef cubes, sauteed and cooked in a simple sauce. The sauce was made from stock and mustard with only a small amount of sour cream, a typical Russian flavor. The story has it that the poor Count didn’t have any teeth and so his chef created this special dish so that his master would be able to eat it without any effort. Since then, the dish has had major alterations to suit anyone’s taste. Beef stroganoff was extremely popular in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s but originated in the early 1800s and in hundreds of other famous restaurants throughout the years.

Stroganoff is traditionally served with potato straws, but it’s also great with rice pilav, egg noodles or your favorite mashed potatoes. Here in Tzarevna, we have our own version of Beef Stroganoff using Wagyu beef. We believe in using the best products in the market to give you a one-of-a-kind dish.

The traditional beef stroganoff calls for a sirloin cut or steak. All you need to do is cut the meat thinly on the bias, into 2-inch strips – that way your guests should only need a fork to eat it. Most of the recipes suggest cooking the beef and mushrooms together until the beef is tender, but we like to cook the mushrooms separately by sautéing them in butter until they are golden brown. Then, add the mushrooms to the stew in the last 15 minutes of cooking. The buttery flavor of the mushroom adds richness to the dish. Another key is to add the sour cream right before serving. Adding it before breaks the sauce and it won’t look very pretty once you serve it on the table.

From the traditional, people have learned to put their own twist on this timeless dish. You can see versions such as burger stroganoff, turkey, meatballs, and even hot dog stroganoff. Whatever your version would be, it’s always best to eat it with family and friends. Finally, you can finish your fabulous dinner with dessert. chocolate marquise is a good choice or Tiramisu to end your meal with on a sweet note.

Tzarevna offers a lot of Russian cuisine with a twist. You can choose from a variety of menus from our appetizers to desserts. You can also choose from our wide variety of wines. We love using organic food and being eco-friendly in general. Plus, you can also order for deliveries.


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